Canberra Vapour Blasting was founded to provide a parts cleaning and finishing service to motoring enthusiasts and workshops in the Canberra region.

Vapour blasting as it is sometimes called is actually glass media suspended in water to form a slurry. This is propelled at the part by compressed air to clean and micro polish the surface. In most cases, the resultant finish is more resistant to the adhesion of oils and grime than the factory finish. 


We understand how important your vehicle is to you. Specialising in the revitalisation of classic vehicle components for your restoration, your parts will get the care they deserve by us.

Whether you require just a tappet cover blasted, or a whole V12 engine finished to concourse standard, Canberra Vapour Blasting can help you.

Canberra Vapour Blasting's sister business: QV Automotive Engineering can also assist you with a number of different engineering services for your classic or performance car.